The online journal Crítica Nacional was one the first News Media that uncovered the plans of Glenn Greenwald and his Fake News Machine. Learn here what is really happening in Brazil among cybercrimes and legal violations leaded by Glenn Greenwald and his mates.

by Evandro Pontes
In order to understand what Glenn Greenwald is perpetrating in Brazil, it is first necessary to learn about the Car Wash Operation.

During the Brazilian Spring of 2014, when a pre-elections period that was about to start, the Brazilian Federal Police (the equivalent of the FBI in Brazil) uncovered a massive corruption scheme run by former president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva

In a nutshell: Lula and his friends, both on the corporate side (executives and shareholders), as well as on the political side (party members and members of Congress), were using Petrobrás, the state-owned oil corporation, to practice a huge embezzlement on state resources, with the objetive of illegally financing political campaigns of Representatives from his party and allied parties. He also lead a huge money laundering scheme to finance left-wing candidates on countries like Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela, within a scheme associated with the Foro de São Paulo – a left wing movement in Latin America that promotes narcolords financing and interstate money laundering.

Lula´s connections with Venezuela and Cuba were also used to send billions of dollars to those dictatorships, in several forms of simulation and dissimulation, as covert banking loans or false medical service agreements. Part of this stolen money was used to bribe more than one hundred congressmen into voting to pass bills and tax exemptions favoring the interests of Lula´s close friends and party leaders.

As the investigations progressed, several businessman went into plea bargaining proceedings and revealed, with huge amounts of evidence attached, that Lula received several “gifts”, including a 3 Stage Beach Front Penthouse in the beachfront city of Guarujá (Sao Paulo state) and a winter country house of approximately 43 acres located at Atibaia (a city 50 miles north of the city of Sao Paulo).

Lula was already duly convicted on corruption and money laundering charges, in two of the 8 proceedings in which he was directly accused. In the first court case, he was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment and the Court of Appeals rectified the sentence and upped it to 12 years of imprisonment.

In the second court case, he was convicted once more on charges of corruption and money laundering, this time sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment, pending the Appeal to be reviewed by the Federal Court of Appeals. This appeal is expected to reach a final decision by the next few months.

The other 6 criminal proceedings are pending final decisions, with scarce chances of a “not guilty” decree.

Lula is nowadays serving jail time in the city of Curitiba and is not expected to be released soon, in the light of the very serious accusations against him arising from other proceedings, unless a collusion of judges and narratives corroborates to release him in a provisory way, although condemnation remains unchanged.

The whole Car Wash Operation did not reach Lula alone: more than 200 people went to jail, including bankers, Senators, representatives, officers and directors public companies and state-owned corporations, military, politicians, consultants and lawyers. Brazilian Judiciary seized and froze assets in a total amount of roughly 1 billion dollars.

The damages and the amounts embezzled by the corrupt scheme are north of 20 billion dollars and affect more than 10 state-owned corporations and trust funds. It is, by far, the largest uncovered corruption scandal in history.

The judge presiding over this huge prosecution effort is Mr. Sergio Fernando Moro, a former Harvard LLM, a renowned Professor of Law at the prestigious Paraná University and a very respected gentlemen in the Legal system. He was awarded “Man of the Year” by several respected publications and universities around the world.

The federal prosecutor in charge of the investigation and formal charges is Mr. Deltan Dallagnol – equally a Harvard LLM alumnae with a consolidated academic career.

On 2018, when Mr. Jair M. Bolsonaro was elected President, campaigning on a platform of enhancing the war against corruption, he invited Mr. Moro to assume the position of Justice Minister (equivalent to head of the Dept. of Justice, in the USA).

In Brazil, the position of Chairman at the Ministry of Justice is key in fighting corruption, because the Ministry of Justice is the public office in charge of repatriation the embezzeled funds which are still hidden in foreign countries’ banking accounts. The former Ministry of Justice, the one in charge while Mr. Moro served as a federal judge, indeed acted to limit Car Wash Operation within the Brazilian boundaries, as a way to protect his friends from more dramatic consequences (Mr. Lula’s party, the PT (Worker´s Party) remained in office until August 31, 2016, when impeachment proceedings took place, transfering the the presidency to the Vice-President of the allied party MDB until Mr. Bolsonaro took office on January 2019. The allies from MDB worked very hard to help and save corrupt politicians both from MDB and PT, the Party of Mr. Lula).

And this is where the story of Intercept Brazil and Mr. Greenwald, the well-know “journalist” and former lawyer involved in cases like the defense of neonazi Matthew Hale and the Snowden Scandal, starts in the life of Mr. Sergio Moro.

Throughout Intercept Brazil, a huge amount of wiretapping messages stolen from the mobile phone of Mr. Moro and Mr. Dallagnol started to be released without any right of defense to Mr. Moro and the public prosecutors involved. All information allegedly collected by hackers were fully denied by Mr. Moro and originals were not subject to an expert analysis; not even were printscreens showed to double check the authenticity of the hacked information Intercept is still publishing in Brazil.

Part of the messages that included phases of the criminal proceedings during 2015 and 2016 were deliberately edited and manipulated in order to make authorities “look bad” in the view of an incautious audience (the reckless readers is a kind of trademark of Intercept Brazil).

Glenn Greenwald is simply using stolen information to create a narrative that Judge and Prosecutor entered into a collusion to condemn the former President Lula, as a way to bare him to run once more for president and, in this stance, benefit the winner, who lately invited Mr. Moro to assume a position in his government.

The narrative is very weak and the dates of investigations and the Lula sentencing are by far previous to even Mr. Bolsonaro started to think about presidency.

Mr. Moro and Mr. Bolsonaro met for the first time in their lives after Mr. Bolsonaro election: they met occasionally in a local airport in a fortuitus situation when Mr. Moro refused to respond to a cheer salutation by Mr. Bolsonaro, in a very sober way saying that, as a judge, he could not be greeting a politician, in the middle of a criminal proceeding investigating Representatives – at that time Mr. Bolsonaro was serving in the House of Representatives.

Besides the date details, we have all evidences, banking accounts, statements, wire transfer of huge amounts, the Penthouse, the Atibaia property…

In any way, Mr. Greenwald triggered a huge discussion in Brazil that may lead to the nullification of a five year investigation, reverting all prisons, condemnations, asset seizures, plea bargainings, asset freezing and embezzled amounts surpassing billions of dollars on more than twenty countries reached by a legal, correct and in all due process of law proceedings, based on a supposedly “collusion” between judge and prosecutor.

But how Glenn Greenwald was able to reach this situation and be comfort to use dubious messages from an illegal source to attack Brazilian public officers who dismantled a continental crime syndicate without any legal consequence?

This is because the Brazilian Constitution has a clause that ensures any journalist to benefit from the “confidentiality of sources”.

The clause of the “confidentiality of sources” ensures any and all journalists in Brazil to use, from any source that asked to remain uncovered, any kind of information, even the illegal and the unchecked ones. This is a consolidated jurisprudence to benefit free press in Brazil, which Glenn used to start a kind of cyberwar hacking proceedings allowing him to serve as a bridge for hackers who are interest in sell information to provoke scandals and privacy invasions.

The hacking is a serious crime in Brazil, but… when the hacker reach a journalist that presents and uses his constitutional confidentiality source clause to protect the illegal origin of information, the protection over that source, even if the source is a hacker who committed a serious crime, nothing can be done against the so-called journalist and his “source”.

But the whole impunity aura Glenn Greenwald is benefiting from in Brazil does not stop on the constitutional secrecy source clause protection: a few years ago he entered into a marriage with Mr. David Miranda, a Brazilian who, years before this marriage, was arrested in London accused to support terrorist activities in Europe.

Mr. Miranda, in the 2018 elections, was the immediate substitute for the elected Representative Mr. Jean Wyllys.

Mr. Wyllys was benefited by a strange electoral rule we have in Brazil that allows low voting representatives to reach the necessary votes that migrate from large voting candidates who supersedes that minimum necessary – in other words, he “borrowed” votes from the first place candidate of his own party, who received “votes in excess”.

One day after Mr. Wyllys took office, he resigned to benefit his substitute, the husband of Glenn Greenwald, Mr. Miranda.

Rumors are taking note that Greenwald may have entered into an agreement with Mr. Wyllys not only to benefit his husband – but to benefit himself: the residence of a Representative in Brazil is inviolable by law, and any criminal proceedings opened to seize assets in the residence of a Representative can only be authorized by the Supreme Court throughout a formal request by Brazilian Attorney General.

Glenn found a paradise in Brazil – and we are not talking about food and beaches: we mean that he found a legal paradise to uncover wiretapping crimes with to support of a bizarre constitutional protection for journalists’ sources.

He is free to investigate authorities with no limits whatsoever.

On the other hand, several other Senators (mostly defendants on the Car Wash Operation) together with a bunch of Representatives, drafted and approved a Bill to incriminate authorities that investigate crimes that leaded to “not-guilty” sentences. It is the “Authority Abuse Bill”, which puts a Damocles Sword over police and prosecutors heads: the bill (which is pending the Presidential approval and sanction) states that an investigative proceeding that leads to a “not-guilty” decree may subject authorities to… imprisonment.

Brazil just created the bizarre deregulation and privatization of public investigations with no limits whatsoever, leading public authorities into a measure of disincentive that turned Mr. Greenwald into the most powerful police authority in Brazil.

Fear, Brazilians, because Sheriff Greenwald is watching you. And fear non-Brazilians, because Sheriff Greenwald can watch you from Brazil as well…