Hundreds os thousands of Brazilian people are peacefully protesting on this September 7th in many cities of the country for only one cause: Brazilian want its freedom of speech and constitutional civis rights back again. During the last months, the freedom of speech and the civil rights started being put down by some judicial decisions taken against conservative common people.

Common workers, housewives, teachers, journalists and also congressmen (who have special protection according to our laws) were arrested and imprisoned because of their opinions on political matters. No one of them has committed any crime according to Brazilian laws.

The due legal process is not being granted to these imprisoned people: their lawyers have not access to the judicial documents related to the imprisonment. In addition to these illegal arrests, many independent media outlets are under strong censorship, which is completely prohibited in our Federal Constitution.

No one of these actions against civil rights and freedom of speech is being taken by President Jair Bolsonaro. On the contrary, Brazilian President is a strong supporter of the Federal Constitution and the laws. These actions are all being taken by the judiciary, and that is the source of the institutional crisis present at moment in Brazil.