President Bolsonaro made his strongest speech this Tuesday (Sept 7th) in São Paulo, where a huge crowd of citizens also gathered peacefully for one of the most massive civic manifestation even seen in the city. The manifestation took place at Paulista Avenue, the most important and widely known place in São Paulo, where President Bolsonaro arrived by helicopter and then went to the main stage to speak to the protesters. He started  saying:

“We cannot accept that only one man jeopardizes our democracy and threatens our freedom. I want to tell to this justice that he is has some time to redeem himself and to close those cases”.

The public reaction was not positive when President Bolsonaro said this, and then he changed is speech:

“Actually, his time is over! Get out, Alexandre de Moraes! Don’t be a a scoundrel! Stop oppressing Brazilian people! I speak on behalf of all of you, we must demand that all political prisoners be freed”.

At this point, the crowd started to chant “Eu autorizo” [I authorize], meaning that the people was giving an authorization or a endorsement to the President to do what he had just said. Then, President Bolsonaro made his more meaningful and bold statement:

“I want to tell you that this presidente will no longer abide to any decision issued by justice Alexandre de Moraes. The people’s patience has run out. He [Alexandre de Moraes] still has time to get out. And for us, he does not exist any more. Freedom to the political prisoners! Stop the censorship! Stop the persecution to the conservatives and to those who care about Brazil”.

When President Bolsonaro ended these statement, the crowd started to chant “freedom, freedom”.