Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made a hard speech this Tuesday (Sept. 7th) morning during the manifestations that took place in Brasília, Brazilian Capital.

He spoke to a huge crowd of supporters and said “it is no more acceptable that only one person puts the freedom of speech at risk in Brazil”. This only one person is Alexandre de Moraes, justice of Brazilian supreme court.

“We do not want a break [in the institutional order], we do not want to confront with any state power. But we cannot admit that only one person jeopardizes our freedom”, said the President.

“We will not accept that any authority, using the force of power, overrides our Constitution. We will no longer accept any measure, any action, that comes from outside the rules of our Federal Constitution. We cannot accept any more political arrests in Brazil”.

President Bolsonaro also urged the other members of Brazilian supreme court to take measures against the way Alexandre de Moraes is taking decisions. Bolsonaro said also that anyone who acts against the rules set by Federal Constitution must leave his charge.

Video below shows protesters in Brasília chanting Brazilian National Anthem